Public Pool

city of Longueuil Parc Bariteau pool

Équation groupe conseil designed the engineering documents, plans and estimates including the structure, the building mechanics and electricity. They also designed the pool, the water park and the filtration system as well as the civil engineering related to the planning and the entrance to service buildings and the surveillance of the project.

  • Client: City of Longueuil
  • Status: Completed
  • Address: 1882, rue Saint-Georges
    (Le Moyne sector) Longueuil
  • Project start in the autumn of 2014
  • Project: completed in the summer of 2015

Nature of the project done as well as the services done:

  • Construction of a bather’s pavilion made out of laminated wood;
  • Construction of a pool and water park area;
  • Development work on the perimeter;
  • Connection to the public utilities;
  • Technical assistance during the project;
  • Surveillance of the construction project