Équation groupe conseil is a consulting engineering firm, established since 1979, that specialises in the conception and preparation of engineering documents, plans, estimates, studies, and also building engineering, municipal engineering, road work and transportation for commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional sectors.

Équation groupe conseil always listens to the needs of their clients in order to offer them the best services according to their specific demands, according to their rigorous norms of quality, within the respected deadlines and the budgets allocated.

Équation groupe conseil gives itself the mission to be at the top of the list of all of the Québec consulting engineering companies in the economic sectors that it serves. With its excellent services and hard work that always meets the high design performances demanded, as well as respecting the budgets and the deadlines established, in collaboration with our clients, Équation aims for the top.

Équation groupe conseil has under its roof a multidisciplinary team which, with its diverse experience, allows a global approach to the resolution of several problems. Équation stands out by the fact that its team is multidisciplinary, which includes many engineers and technicians related to the following fields:

  • Civil and municipal engineer/ Structural / Building mechanical services/ Electricity / Fire protection

As each mandate is being fulfilled, the diversity of our services helps us to solve several problems in collaboration with the help of other disciplines presented inside the firm. Furthermore, during numerous projects that Équation has participated, we have closely collaborated with other professionals such as:

  • Architects / Town Planner / Landscape Architects / Surveyors Geotechnical and Environment Engineers / Biologists / etc.

Moreover, if needed, Équation doesn't hesitate to call upon their services complementary to their own.

Équation offers their services throughout Canada and the firm has developed an expertise in the region of Nunavik.


By using an engineering firm able to offer you a full range of services from project management to civil engineering, building mechanics, and electrical engineering, structure and fire protection, it’s the whole project that benefits.

A global understanding of the projectA global understanding of the project

  • Our team has a better comprehension of the project from the start. This gives the project a more solid foundation. And avoids many surprises for everyone.

A collaboration at all times

  • Our team works together. We’re all connected. We don’t have to learn to work with new intermediaries every time. We share ideas. We ask questions, we validate. In short, we talk to each other.

On-going controls

  • Our team has everything in hand, all the time. The supervision is rigorous. Lower risk of errors, fewer delays, fewer unforeseen costs. A problem? We settle it, and immediately.

Respect for budgets

  • Everything is thought through by the team that delivers the project. The margin of error is smaller. What is established is respected. You save money. Money and worries.

Peace of mind

  • One team, a single point of contact, accountable team members who assume their responsibilities. All is well.


Équation groupe conseil is a human based business that integrates the following values:

  • Respect
  • Open mindedness towards others
  • Integrity
  • Dedication
  • Rigour

All within a favorable work environment.

Our mission consists of offering complete engineering top quality services at an optimal cost in the engineering, structural, mechanical and electrical building fields as well as the fire protection field. We propose a personalised service to each of our clients. Our approach is based on listening to our clients’ needs and establishes a relationship of trust with them as well as with the professionals working to achieve their projects, which explains their fidelity.

Our clients evolve in very diversified sectors such as the municipalities; the social economy, the residential sectors, commercial (banks, restaurants, food supply, hotels, etc.), industrial and institutional.


  • Improve the quality of deliverables by applying the Manual quality.
  • Make a design having an optimal impact on the costs (fees - construction - maintenance)
  • Respect the Code of Ethics of Équation
  • Integrate the values of the human touch of Équation
    • Respect
    • Open mindedness towards others
    • Integrity
    • Dedication
    • Rigour
  • Assure the sustainability of Équation in your actions


The Code of Ethics applies to all of the members of Équation groupe conseil. It was established in the goal of defining the broad outline of actions with regards to the confidentiality, conflicts of interests and professional ethics. It introduces the values of Équation, the rules of professional conduct as well as the best ethical principles. It is a helpful tool that helps ethical decisions to be made easier.

At Équation groupe conseil, we believe that it is important to:

  • Fulfill our professional obligations with honesty and integrity;
  • Treat others with respect;
  • Protect the information confidentiality;
  • Adequately treat situations that could lead to conflicts of interest;
  • Respect the business.

By carrying out our work, we must pay particular attention to our obligations towards society and take into consideration the consequences of the execution of our projects in the environment, on life, health and the property of each person.


Responsibility towards the public

Équation is aware of the importance of the role towards the community; that is why we carry out these projects in the goal of improving the population’s life conditions. We meet our client’s interests and those of the collectivity in general.

Social and environmental commitment is part of our values. We commit to putting into place precise measures in order to integrate the sustainable development in all of our activities. We are looking to integrate sustainable development in all of our methods. We recognize the importance of involving our parties in the management of our priority issues; therefore, value the transparency and the constant improvement of our practices. Équation wishes that their implication be supported by its employees, their suppliers and their clients.

Social responsibility

Équation believes that social contribution is important in its communities where it is established and where they work. Équation encourages all of its employees in their community by being involved in community organisms, educational, cultural and others. Several initiatives support this objective.

Environmental responsibility

The impact of our operations and especially our projects is considerable, because our decisions in engineering and construction often have important, long term repercussions. In addition to respecting local regulations, provincial and national, we commit to achieving several objectives and specific targets in our sustainable development policy, and this, in a learning process plan in the goal of continued improvement.

Promotion and continued improvement of the sustainable development policy.

We apply respectable practices. We collaborate with multiple organisms involved in the environment to achieve a consensus to the norms and rules desired and achievable in environmental matters. We commit to foresee and improve the environmental performance of the business considering the technical and economic developments, the scientific knowledge and the environmental effects of the operations.



  • "From May 2016 to December 2017, on behalf of PWGSC's client department Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), I managed a construction contract with FCNQ Construction inc. The project involved the design build delivery of a Wildlife Field Research Station in the community of Pond Inlet, Nunavut. This project is considered a success by both myself as well as the project leader at ECCC.

    Apart from the typical logistical challenges involved in construction in the High Arctic, this project presented one exceptional challenge. The construction contract to FCNQ was awarded in May 2016, allowing only 3 months: 1) to design the facility, 2) obtain client sign-off, and 3) order and deliver all materials to Montreal to meet the 2016 sea-lift to Pond Inlet. The FCNQ team, led by Carl-Anthony Duguay, met this challenge.

    The project was certified as substantially complete in December 2016, 3 months ahead of schedule. The entire FCNQ team was professional and co-operative. This included the consultant team of Blouin Orzes Architectes and Équation groupe conseil inc. (engineering). The site superintendent, Michel Gaudry, demonstrated a commitment to quality workmanship and was responsive in addressing deficiencies."

    James Hutchings, M.Arch, MAA

  • "Our business relationship has lasted for many years and is based on one great principal; service. Équation puts at the center of its priorities a personalised service for its clients with high standards and with the desire to satisfy the highest demands. Équation has shown us over the years its great competencies and has transmitted its most fundamental values. We are extremely satisfied with regards to the professional services offered by this firm."

    Martin Chénard, ing.
    Premius (formerly known as Développement APL)

  • "The Équation firm has been involved since the beginning of our renovation project and has greatly helped navigate relationships with different professionals and tradespeople. Their help has helped us save money and complete our renovations while respecting our budgets and deadlines. The numerous competencies of the members of their team and the rigorous work ethics have permitted us to have a trustworthy relationship and we will surely deal with them again for our future projects."

    Pierre Legault, CEO
    Industries Goodwill Renaissance Montréal

  • "In partnership with Équation groupe conseil for almost 10 years, we wish to emphasize the professionalism of the whole team. In fact, all of our projects have been delivered within the deadlines and the respected budget, with the highest quality of standards."

    The TDL Group

  • "For many years, Metro Richelieu inc. has confided various mandates to the Équation groupe conseil firm, who has shown over the years the same top priority and a personalised and high quality service. We also wish to mention the excellent work in the making of the new fruits and vegetables distribution center in Laval. The project was led by masters and delivered on time without any additional costs. We congratulate all of the Équation team for their rigorous management, efficient coordination and meeting deadlines and costs. According to us, these elements are keys to success. We highly recommend the professional services of Équation groupe conseil."

    Éric Dubois, ing. project management lead