Our services of urban technological engineering have elaborated many feasibility studies, costs and setting of standards. They were also designed and assured the surveillance of the construction of many parks, games, eco-reaction, street furniture elements, walking paths and bike paths.

All of our projects are done by respecting the wildlife in order to minimise the impacts on the environment. Whether it is preserving humid areas, nesting sites or other types of biodiversity, our experienced staff is able to adapt to any situation from the beginning of the plans to the end.

Our knowledge of urban development is optimal and perfectly adapted to the rigour of specific needs linked to Quebec climate quirks.

Municipal infrastructures are also a sector where Équation groupe conseil excels. We have overseen the construction of several municipal services, including roads, waterworks, sanitary sewers and pluvial, railways as well as lighting systems in the streets. We are able to take care of new residential neighbourhoods, commercial and industrial. It is also possible to repair and extend already existing infrastructures.

Thanks to our cutting edge technology and our personalised business plan, we can assure a top notch service for all of the little details. Seeing that many municipal projects can be spread out over a long period, our priority is to oversee that our mandates be done with a minimal impact on the citizen’s quality of life.

We also do not make any compromises on the quality of our work nor on the deadlines and the security of the workers and citizens.


Implementation of biking paths such as the Route-verte (axe Est-Ouest), Principale and Noel Streets, Chemin du Bord-de-l’eau and Boulevard Souvenir in Laval.

Many different projects include planning and/or repairing playgrounds such as tennis, soccer, roller hockey and basketball surfaces, etc., path lighting, parking lot layout, etc., in Laval and also the Berge Jean-Roger-Grégoire.

Compensation measures of the Berges des baigneurs.

Development work, municipal services and public underground utilities at Parc des Prairies

Feasibility studies, design , plan preparation and estimates for construction project buildings such as; Municipal services of integrated projects Condominiums Carrefour Renaissance, Villas du Parc, Boisé Champêtre de Laval (Laval) and Cité des Jeunes et de la Gare (Vaudreuil)

Municipal services in the following streets; Parny, Maude, de Renaix, Sicard, François-Baillargé, Toussaint, Bélanger, Rinfret, des Géraniums, Olier-Payette, du Tyrol, St-Denis (Laval)

Repairing already existing infrastructures such as: Boul. Archambault: repairing of sewers and aqueducts (Laval)

Sanitary sewer interceptor in Ste-Rose (Laval)

Extension of the sanitary sewer network boul. Lévesque Est (Laval), rail road construction, road repairs in the Montreal Port, extension of the container storage area (Administration Portuaire de Montréal), storm sewers Jean- Picard Street (Laval)

Development studies and/or technological civil engineering projects for diverse commercial and institutional projects: Retirement home La Rose Blanche

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