Managing projects is one of Équation groupe conseil's specialities. This firm is able to assure an impeccable follow-up of all of the projects taken on, from the feasibility studies to the conclusion of the project while respecting the severest norms in the industry.

The business focuses on a courteous, fast and efficient service and especially personalised, due to its multi-disciplined service composed of professionals and technicians. Our employees are assigned many projects that demand joint work which allows them to keep up to speed at all times on the overall project.

Équation groupe conseil has built itself a top notch reputation in taking charge of eco-energy projects by respecting the standards and norms of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) world-wide known. We are able to guide our customers in the production of all types of projects concerning "green buildings", otherwise known as sustainable buildings.

We can also take charge of projects in all sectors of activities, such as municipal and urban as well as commercial, industrial, municipal and intuitional sectors.



Équation groupe conseil assures the satisfaction and the confidence of clients by helping them understand their environment and their needs in the technological engineering world.
  • Feasibility studies
  • Evaluation of project costs
  • Design of plans and quotes
  • Planning and supervision of projects
  • Follow-up work and cost controls
  • Project managing
  • Overseeing of projects

Other services:

urban engineering

Urban Engineering



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Great North

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