Équation groupe conseil actively participated in the cost studies, the elaboration of the design estimates, the management of the project and the overseeing in the disciplines of the structure, of the building mechanics, the electricity, the fire protection and civil engineering of the project.

  • Client: Metro Richelieu inc.
  • Status: Completed
  • Address: 1600 Montée Masson, Laval
  • Project started in the spring of 2012
  • Project completed in 2013
  • Area: Storage of refrigerated products of an area of 241,000 square feet and an area of 40,000 square feet for the administrative offices.

Nature of the job done and the services done:

  • Construction of the distribution center that is used to store refrigerated products, storage air, administrative offices, employee room,
  • loading docks,
  • connection to public utilities,
  • generator,
  • roof retention and in the loading docks,
  • asked for a permit for the engineering services,
  • technical assistance during the projects,
  • manage and surveillance of the project.