Super C

Super C
La Prairie

equation groupe conseil designed engineering building documents, plans and estimates including the structure, building mechanics, electricity and fire protection as well as civil engineering related to the parking lot and the entry of services into the building, besides the surveillance and the management of the whole project.

  • Client : Metro Richelieu inc.
  • Status : Completed
  • Address : Projet Destination La Prairie
    1000 Boulevard des Prés-Verts,
    La Prairie (Québec) J5R 0R3
  • Opening : June 16th 2016
  • Word started in November 2015
  • 93rd Super C of the chain in Québe
  • Area : more than 38 000 square feet.

Nature of the job done and the services done:

  • Construction of kitchens, cold rooms, storage areas, offices, employee room, changing rooms, bathrooms, food court, outdoor terrace with tables,
  • a building with 2 mezzanines,
  • loading docks,
  • connection to public utilities,
  • generator,
  • roof retention and in the loading docks,
  • asked for a permit for the engineering services,
  • technical assistance during the projects,
  • manage and surveillance of the project.